Republican Socialist Youth Movement- New Year Statement

The Republican Socialist Youth Movement would like to wish all our members, supporters and comrades around the globe a very happy New Year. We would like to offer our thoughts and support to our friends and comrades who will be bringing the new year in, languishing in British and Free State Gaols and to all those across the globe imprisoned for standing in defence of the working class.

2019 was a monumental year for the RSYM in terms of growth, activity and in building the consciousness and confidence of our membership. In reflecting on the previous year we remember all our fallen comrades who couldn’t be with us, in particular our fallen friend, comrade and leader Marty Mac. Marty’s confidence in and support for the RSYM imbued with us a confidence that has propelled us to the position we are in today. For Marty and those who went before him we will continue to endeavour to raise for them the only worthy monument; that is the 32 County Socialist Republic!

Following an unprecedented growth in membership early in the year RSYM activists organised a weekend long convention in Fermanagh. Over this weekend our comrades engaged in educational classes and lectures led by former POWs on subjects ranging from the legitimacy of armed conflict through to Costello’s doctrine on Guerilla politics.

Following the weekend our comrades kept the weekends momentum going and got straight to work. Derry RSYM led a focus on the devastating impact Stormont imposed cuts have had on working class communities, at one stage joining other anti-austerity activists in taking over a Capita office in Derry city. At the same time comrades in Marghera, Bellaghy, Dublin and Cork continued with a joint recruitment drive through door to door leafleting and proactively engaging with other young people in their respective areas.

Belfast RSYM have been busy exposing the shocking practices being carried out by the EA which left thousands of disabled children without places in schools across the North. Along with this RSYM activists have been involved in anti-Imperialist protests aimed at the British state and other imperialist nations. Throughout the year the RSYM continued the RSMs long and proud history of militant anti-fascism, physically confronting fascist groups in Belfast and Dublin.

In keeping with Costello’s vision of an anti-imperialist broad front the RSYM along with the IRSP played an integral role in the YFU campaign. Our members have been supporting YFU activists on mock canvasses, leaflet drops and chairing talks on Irish unity. The highlight of the RSYMs involvement in YFU came during the historic March For Unity. The RSYM along with various political, youth and cultural groups led a march of thousands from Lifford across the border into Strabane.

The RSYMs role in YFU has made certain that Costello’s anti-imperialist broad front is in safe hands for the next generation of revolutionary Republican Socialists.

On the grander scheme of things, domestic and international politics have been in turmoil this year. South America has seen coup attempts in both Venezuela and Bolivia along with widespread protests that have rocked cities across the continent. These protests are a response to governments implementation of the IMFs Neoliberal policies in the region. Across the continent environmental activists have increasingly risked their lives when protesting against practices such as mining, deforestation and general environmental destruction. Much of this takes place in Brasil, under the right wing government of Bolsorano who has declared climate change a hoax and has made clear his intentions to cut down the Amazon, which will displace thousands of its indigenous inhabitants. 

In Europe politics are continuing to swing in favour of the new populist right. The election of Boris Johnston in England being the latest evidence of this. There are signs of hope however. In France, hundreds of thousands took to the streets in fury and declared a general strike shortly before Christmas. Scotland and Catalonia continue towards gaining their national sovereignty and have brought millions onto the streets for their causes this year alone. 

The ‘Brexit’ chaos in England is finally coming to a close with the result being Boris Johnston as prime minister. This is a clear result of the English left failing to understand the working class and failing to make the socialist case against the EU. However in Ireland it may be a opportunity arising. More than ever there are clear differences in politics between England and the 6 counties. Even mainstream unionism is now totally at odds with the direction Westminster are taking us and are no longer relied upon by the Tories for votes.

The Direction for the next year is clear. We must now push the alternative and actively push for Irish Unity. It is clear that Tory policy is at odds with peoples politics in the 6 counties, no return to Stormont can change that.

The RSYM believe that a border poll is now inevitable, it is our Job as socialists to place class in the centre of any debate on unification. We have no interests in changing a flag and assimilating into the Free-state. It is up to socialist to use this opportunity to bring the working classes on to the streets and agitate for the socialist republic of Connolly and Costello.

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