IRSP in North Belfast continue to work with local residents on a number of issues

At the beginning of the covid-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown, the IRSP moved swiftly in acquiring and supplying thousands of pounds worth of vital PPE for frontline staff & key workers, while also getting and delivering food parcels to vulnerable residents across North Belfast.

Now, since the easing of lockdown measures, our activists have started where we left off in engaging with local residents and help tackling a number of issues; from anti-community, housing to youth engagement initiatives.

IRSP spokesman for North Belfast and local youth worker Tarlach Mac Dhónail has said, “The IRSP have had a very busy few months in the area, we delivered 1000’s of pieces of PPE, delivered 100’s of food parcels to our most vulnerable and more recently we have played a vital part in diffusing incidents at interface areas that have developed recently”

The IRSP has in the last number of days been invited to join a local long running campaign in Rosepenna to get an alleyway gated off, for the health and safety of local residents.

Tarlach went on to say, “While this virus has had a devastating impact both physically and mentally in this community, it has also shown the best. The local community including our local sports & social clubs have rallied around our most vulnerable and local support for our key workers has been fantastic”.

The IRSP will continue to work tirelessly in resolving these outstanding issues for local residents, and would ask people to follow our North Belfast Facebook page, where we can also be easily contacted.