IRSP Call for Unity to Fight Liam Campbell’s Extradition

After a legal battle spanning over a decade the Irish Government plans to order the extradition of life-long Irish Republican Liam Campbell to Lithuania on July 13th.

The 26 County Government plans to extradite Liam Campbell to Lithuania, a country which the European Court of Human Rights has ruled against in 2018 on issues of CIA rendition, secret detention centres, torture and ill treatment of prisoners and corrupt processes of prosecution.

The IRSP have opposed the extradition of political prisoners to foreign jails since 1974, this is a dehumanising practice, a tactic used to break political activists that must end.

The IRSP supported the repatriation of Liam’s brother Michael Campbell from Lithuania to Ireland.

Michael Campbell’s repatriation was a victory for Irish Republicanism because we all worked together, Sinn Féin’s Martina Anderson raised the issue in Brussels, we had lobbying from TD’s Clare Daly and Mick Wallace with various other human rights groups supporting his cause. For Liam Campbells dire situation to be reversed we need to see those same political elements rally behind the campaign to stop the extradition.

The IRSP welcomes the public support from local district Cllrs, Cllr. Sean Carr, Cllr. Gary Donnelly, Cllr. Paul Gallagher, Cllr. Eamon Keenan, Cllr. Dan Kerr, Cllr. Micheal Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig, Cllr. Padraig Mc Shane, Cllr. Barry Monteith.

We need to see real political pressure put on the Irish Government establishment to stop this extradition in the coming weeks.