IRSP in solidarity with Indian Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Political Prisoners.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party have taken part in a week of international action in support of Indian Marxist-Leninist-Maoist political prisoners called for by the International Committee to Support the Peoples War in India (ICSPWIndia). Communists and Republican Socialists staged a protest outside the Indian embassy in Dublin today.

Stephen Cummings of Dublin IRSP read out the following speech at the event.

“Today we come here to stand in solidarity with our Maoist comrades on the frontline and behind bars. The CPI-M, Maoist communist party of India have shared the same dream as us Irish republican socialists through their armed and political struggle they  have adopted a socialist Marxist programme, with politics in control of the gun, they have build a huge affective mass movement  against imperialism and to establish an Indian revolution. Their objective are very similar to republican socialists and any socialist Marxist political organisation,  to establish equal rights and for the masses to control India’s natural resources, for equal wage on the grounds of sex gender and abolish contract labour, child labour and to abolish landlordism and implementing radical land reform for the agriculture union. By defeating the capitalist system through radical change it’s becoming more of a reality not a dream. Through their people’s war they have seized control of vast amounts of rural areas against fascism and imperialism. As anti imperialists, Marxist, socialists, republicans, internationalists and true revolutionaries I urge you all to stay true and continue to support to Maoist struggle and other international causes that pick up arms to overthrow the same capitalist system that has them and us on our knees. LAL Salam”