IRSP Meet KP-M/L (Communist Platform Norway)

A delegation from the Norwegian Communist Platform (KP M/L) met with a panel of IRSP comrades in Belfast for a very comradely and fraternally productive talks in IRSP headquarters, Costello House on the Falls Road.

It wasn’t all heavy discussions, earlier in the weekend Comrade Gerry Foster of the IRSM ex-prisoners charity,¬†Teach na Failte, orientated the Norwegian KP-M/L delegation with west Belfast’s conflict related sites and explained the work that himself and others are engaged in with ex-combatants. Comrade Foster, also took the Norwegian delegation for a night out which included visits to some well known social clubs and pubs.

Comrade Peadar Dubh secretary of the IRSP’s Belfast executive gave the KP-M/L delegation a comprehensive introduction to the IRSP’s history and our work with the trade unions. Comrade Alex McGuigan, Chairperson of the IRSP’s Belfast executive gave an outline of the party’s wide range of political activism in the city.

Before leaving Costello House, there was a fraternal exchange of flags. The IRSP were given a KP-M/l flag and our Norwegian visitors were delighted to recieve one of the new red IRSP party flags.

Below are some photos of some of the KP-M/L delegates and the IRSP panel who met with them: