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IRSP members home attacked. Appeal for information.

IRSP members home attacked. Appeal for information.


At 5am this Sunday morning an attempt was made to smash the window of an IRSP member and ex-political prisoners home in the Springfield Road area of West Belfast. Attackers attempted to ram a “Northern Ireland” flag through the window during the incident.

The IRSP in West Belfast are asking anyone with information to come forward and speak to the party. At roughly 5am a Grey Seat Ibiza containing a number of individuals pulled up outside the home of the IRSP member. An attempt was then made to smash the window of the premises.

In the current political climate, one in which our movement is under continuous attack, we view this incident very seriously. The IRSP ask for anyone who witnessed this incident or may have information of those involved to contact us immediately.

Recently a Pen Drive was passed onto the UVF by the PSNI. The data on the Pen Drive contained the names, addresses, emails, passwords, browsing history and personal financial transactions of IRSP members. If it comes to light that a member of the IRSP was specifically targeted by loyalists using data from the Pen Drive to carry out this attack then we have to ask all our members to re-examine their personal security.

  • Change all passwords & pin numbers for emails and bank accounts
  • Set strong separate passwords that won’t be simple to crack
  • Secure tablets, smart phones and electronic devices with lengthy passwords
  • Don’t use public wi-fi to transfer sensitive data
  • Never click on suspicious links or attachments
  • Be mindful of your personal security

CCTV images of attackers.

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