IRSP New Year Statement 2022

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As we enter 2022 we wish to send fraternal revolutionary greetings to all our friends and supporters throughout the world. We offer solidarity to all those involved in anti-imperialist struggles whether in prisons or on the streets. As the year turns we reflect on the year just passed and look to the coming year and assess where we are in regards to our stated goals and objectives.

The Irish Republican Socialist Movement have remained focused on our objectives despite the problems laid before us as a result of the global pandemic. Our members have continually stepped in and helped beleaguered communities and services when the state proved unable to. We have continued to support front line organisations in a practical way. We salute those who have dedicated their lives to helping those people without food or shelter at this time. We have seen first hand what these groups and individuals have been doing for people left behind by the state. The IRSP will continue to support these initiatives in the coming year.

2021 was a difficult year for front line health and social care staff across Ireland, the doctors, nurses and paramedics, it was a difficult year for teachers, carers and people working in essential logistics and transport as well as those workers who manned the tills of shops to make sure people had access to food and other essentials. These workers are the backbone of our communities, these are the unsung heros and we offer them our solidarity and support in 2022.

The IRSP has continued to grow in 2021 carrying on the trend from the previous year. We take great heart from the fact that ordinary people across Ireland are choosing the politics of Republican Socialism and the party of Connolly and Costello as the party most able to achieve their collective goals in the years ahead.

A new political paradigm has emerged over the last number of years and as revolutionaries we are duty bound to continually review and adapt. Brexit has provided opportunities for Ireland and we intend to take advantage of each and every opportunity that arises in order to take us further along the path to Irish freedom, always mindful that socialism is to the forefront in any debates around the establishment of a future 32 county state in Ireland.

We continually demand and work towards a full British withdrawal from Ireland. The 100 year anniversary of the establishment of the northern state was a mitigated disaster and highlighted the fact that the 6 counties has served those of British heritage or allegiance only, whilst having political and religious discrimination at it’s heart. Reflecting on the 100 years of the state, we can only conclude that this rotten state must go. And that it’s institutions must go with it aswell. The Yes For Unity campaign will continue into 2022 and beyond. Our goal remains the destruction the northern state and we have no doubt it’s on it’s last legs.

We are not alone in assessing the situation. Others with more nefarious intentions are also analysing and hoping to take advantage of vulnerable working class communities. Private landlords are always looking for opportunities and we wont allow them to take advantage of any more working class families. The IRSP has been centrally involved in highlighting the activities of greedy landlords across the island. With a particular focus on West Belfast due to the lack of social housing our activists have been targeting those private landlords who have gone out of their way to fleece vulnerable members of the working class in the district. We have landlords on the run.

The silence of local mainstream nationalist politicians in the face of our campaign has been deafening. Working class people will make up their own minds as to why and the IRSP will not stop until the rents are dropped.

Both the ongoing compliance in 2021, of mainstream nationalism in the face of slum landlordism, austerity and benefits cuts, and the failure of elected leftist parties to step up to the mark in relation to any of these issues, suggests what has been evident to many on the ground for some time.

We have exposed their nefarious activities and we will continue to do so until the very last of them ceases to rob the most vulnerable in our areas. The housing executive must put in place safeguards so that landlords cannot continue to steal from the poorest in our society. Either way we will be there making sure that the landlords will not work unopposed as they go about their activities in 2022.

We will continue to grow and develop in the coming years. The Republican Socialist Movement has never been found wanting when it comes to fighting for and on behalf of working class communities, the communities from which we come. We will challenge those in power to better look after the needs of working class people and if that means going toe to toe with them the so-called mainstream political parties that is what we will be doing. We have never shied away from any challenge, in fact we are building a party capable of representing the interests of the working class in every forum or chamber in the country.

We would look forward to new challenges. We know that the ever changing political climate 2022 will provide opportunities and challenges. Either way we are prepared and ready.

Our activists across Ireland are organised and equipped to promote the Republican Socialist ideology and activism in defence of the Irish Working Class.

Let the fight go on!

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