Urgent Clarification Needed in Top Secret Unionist Meeting at Barracks 


IRSP representative for West Belfast Dan Murphy has called on urgent clarification on exactly where a supposedly “top secret” meeting took place between the leaders of the 2 largest unionist parties in the North of Ireland.

It comes after claims that the 2 leaders met in a “barracks” to discuss issues around Unionist political unity and attempts by DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson to join the UUP.

Speaking on the matter Dan Murphy has said, “The Nationalist people of the North have a very conscious recollection of secret meetings between Unionism/Loyalism at army/police barracks in the North of Ireland which usually resulted in collusion and the murder of Nationalists and Republicans. Considering the leader of the DUP was present, a party with close ties to loyalist paramilitaries it is concerning that the state are still clearly facilitating private unionist meetings in their properties.”

Dan went on, “The people deserve clarification on this. Where did the meeting take place, and was it at an army or police barracks as claimed?”