IRSP Oppose Closure of Lifford Hospital

Since 1775 Lifford has had medical facilities for the people of East Donegal, a long tradition of care for the community exists in the town.

Over 200 years of service and help is to be cast aside in the planned HSE cuts, a blatant attack by the 26 county establishment on the working class of the North West.

These cuts to essential services all over Ireland are a product of the greed and mismanagement of the nation’s economy by the Irish ruling class vast sums of the people’s money was squandered during the last few decades to pay fat salaries and bonuses to the nations ruling elite while the rest of the population scrambled to get a tiny piece of the cake that was the “Celtic Tiger”.

When the inevitable happened and the capitalist economy crashed the rich who caused the recession through NAMA paid themselves a figure that some now think may exceed 100 Billion.

NAMAs bailout of the fat cats will come from the Irish peoples pockets for a generation to come, yet the Irish people through the Proclamation of the Republic have claim to over 400 Billion Euros worth of natural resources of the west coast, why did we not use that 400 Billion Euros to build our economy? Because Shell has laid claim to the peoples natural resources the Irish economy will see but a tiny fraction of that 400 Billion Euro with the vast majority in the hands of a greedy multinational corporation.

So while the 26 county establishment pushes through essential services cuts social welfare cuts education cuts infrastructure cuts the Irish people will suffer while the rich get richer.

The IRSP stands shoulder to shoulder with the staff and patients of Lifford hospital and indeed the people of North West in opposition to these cuts, let the fat cats know that the working class people of Donegal will not be walked over