Portlaoise POWs Statement on Maghaberry

Republican socialist prisoners detained upon E4 landing Portlaoise
wish to convey a message of solidarity with Maghaberry POWs
enduring an unnecessary campaign of retrospective brutality, in a
foolish revival of the British Government’s attempts to criminalise
Irish political prisoners.

RSM POWs were to the forefront in ending the last attack on the
rights of political prisoners in 1981 and since then the Republican
Socialist Movement has evaluated and analysed continually the
causes and effects of prison struggle upon the entire political
environment of the nation.

It is astounding that in an era where the entire R.S.M have engaged
upon an analysis of our position, bravely promoting the ideal of a
new era of coherency and pragmatic political advances for the
improvement of the Irish people and the rights of the working
class, solely through dialogue and mutual respect, the British
would decide to revive the politic of intransigence regarding the
rights if political POW.

We stand with our comrades in Maghaberry and with the IRSP in their
efforts to highlight this issue and echo their calls for common
sense to prevail on the part of the government.

We further express our solidarity to the families of Maghaberry POW’s
who are unnecessarily enduring the anguish and pain of not knowing,
and we assure them that as we stood by the POW of 81 we stand by
them now. Our thoughts are with you.

Republican Socialist Prisoners
E4 landing
Portlaoise Gaol