IRSP organise Tallaght Community Watch

The Irish Republican Socialist Party in Tallaght is preparing to establish an independent community collective to empower local people to deal with the problems facing the working class in the area. The decision was taken to organise after disturbances between opposing groups of youths from Killinarden and Jobstown that led to clashes on the Tallaght By-Pass with youths using Samurai swords and petrol bombs to attack each other. What became apparent to Tallaght IRSP was the inability and apathy of the Gardai or any other State controlled agency to deal with the issue. The IRSP and residents organised the people of Tallaght into a Community Watch that patrolled the trouble flash points for 6 nights effectively ending the disturbances.

Tommy Kelly of Tallaght IRSP continues “Tuesday 19th of November saw a group of 40 or more youths from Killinarden and same number from Jobstown arrange a fight against each other. This carried on for a number of nights and progressively worsened. Seeing the seriousness of the situation the IRSP immediately called on fellow community members to stand with us in putting a stop to this behaviour and taking back control of our community. 40 to 50 local residents took to the streets each night of the Community Watch and it received massive support from everyone in the area. The youth of the area are caught in the poverty trap they are unemployed and unable to see a future for themselves. We need to engage with these disenfranchised youth and make it clear they have a place within our community and a role to play in our future.”

Mr Kelly finishes “The Gardai and the State have lost all credibility in the eyes of the people of Tallaght. The established community groups being funded by the State amount to nothing more than an attempt for the poor to manage their own poverty. They are intrinsically tied to the State and its interests by being funded by the State as he who pays the piper calls the tune. The need for an independent community collective that is able to identify and deal with issues facing the local working class from the bottom up instead of being dictated to by the State and the Gardai.”