IRSP Slam Anti-Community PSNI Operation in Divis

This morning, the IRSP in the lower Falls were contacted by local community workers regarding the wood which young people had been collecting over the last few days.

Although small in quantity, the location of the wood made it hazardous for surrounding houses if set alight.

IRSP Activists engaged with the young people present at the wood and the kids agreed that the wood did indeed pose a threat to surrounding homes.

IRSP representative for the Lower Falls Michael Kelly has said, “As our Activists awaited the Council lorry to come and lift the wood, a PSNI drone followed by a LandRover drove up and down the street eye balling those present. We have since found out that the PSNI, when realising that the IRSP were involved in resolving the situation demanded that the Council pull out of lifting the wood.This was followed by a squad of PSNI Robocops being dispatched to confront what is essentially a group of pre teens.Why were local community activists or local youth providers not given the space to deal with this situation in a peaceful and non aggressive way? Why did the PSNI mobilise a squad of riot cops to try and intimidate and scare young Nationalist kids?Their agenda is clear and the IRSP will always be to the fore in highlighting their agenda. It is all about local credibility, and the PSNI have none whatsoever. They know this as well as the rest of us.”