IRSP Slam PSNI attack on Grieving Family in Lower Falls

What we all witnessed last night is, sadly, not surprising when it comes to the PSNI in Nationalist Working Class areas. How many instances have taken place within the last 12 months alone where the PSNI have acted erratically and totally over the top when it comes to anything related to the lower Falls?

Divis back in August of last year, followed by creating tensions in the Grosvenor and now adding to that list, what happened last night at a local wake house. All three situations mentioned above took place mere streets apart from each other. What is the thinking behind those who are directing the PSNI to make such incursions into our community?

Speaking on the incident last night, IRSP Representative for the lower Falls Michael Kelly said;

“The PSNI said they were responding to a report, which we know is what they are using as the excuse for their presence last night. Even so, Is that how they usually respond to a report? By sending 6 landrovers and 2 cars?”

Michael continued;

“At a time when the PSNI are claiming to be short in numbers due to Covid sickness, how did they spare so many resources in a very short space of time?

It is clear that this was a premeditated attack on a grieving family and on the community as a whole, and those who claim to hold these people to account have serious questions to answer.”