RUC/PSNI return to attack the Lower Ormeau community

The IRSP shares the outrage of the people of the Lower Ormeau following todays unjustified and disproportionate attack upon the relatives and survivors of the Sean Graham’s bookie massacre; the anniversary of which occurs today.

Recent living memory recalls that this same force literally besieged the Lower Ormeau and its people for decades, to facilitate both the murderous onslaught of state sponsored UFF and UVF terror gangs and the further endless spectacles of bigoted Orange order processions.

In recent years the RUC/PSNI, directed as they are by MI5 (British military intelligence) have used coercion, lies and subterfuge in order to cover up their own central role in the UFF slaughter of the innocents in the Lower Ormeau. Today they turned their mind to the old intimidation tactics akin of the 1980s and 1990s, when people were beaten, arrested and forced from their own streets for stating the obvious and opposing bigotry.

It has always been very clear to the IRSP that the PSNI embodies the physical structures and political program of the old RUC. Their first and foremost role is to exist as the front line of British occupation in Ireland and in this role they will quite simply NEVER CHANGE and we make no apology in condemning those Nationalist politicians who attempted to sell this force to the very people they are sworn to oppress.

The IRSP, once again call on all Nationalist and Republican minded parties and individuals to withdraw support from the PSNI and pledge our support for the long suffering people of the Lower Ormeau.