IRSP slam PSNI participation at Dublin Pride

The Irish Republican Socialist Party have raised serious concerns regarding the invitation and participation of the PSNI in today’s LGBTQ Pride Rally in Dublin. 

Dublin IRSP spokesperson, Stephen Cummins said “The LGBTQ Pride rally will be held not far from where a UVF bomb exploded claiming the lives of 27 innocent people in May 1974. Recent evidence has highlighted the clear collusion between the RUC/British Intelligence Services and the UVF in carrying out the bombing’’

Stephen went on to say, ‘’The PSNI continue to cover up and withhold evidence at the behest of the British Intelligence Services into the Dublin & Monaghan bombings and hundreds of other cases of collusion that allowed loyalist death squads to continue their sectarian blood bath in Ireland’’

The PSNI remain completely subservient to MI5 and continue to be the largest armed organisation that protects British Imperialist interests in Ireland.

The IRSP call on the organisers of the LGBTQ Pride rally in Dublin to not fall for the attempts in normalising the PSNI and ask for them to withdraw their invitation in the future.

The IRSP were the first Irish Republican political party to proudly support and campaign for LGBTQ rights across Ireland and have done so since our inception in 1974. The IRSP cannot continue to support a rally that openly invites the armed enemy of the Irish Workig Class.