Irish Republican Socialist Party

IRSP support action taken by activists outside Simon Harris’s Home.

Last night government officials & supporters took to social media to try and put a negative spin on the actions of activists who held a peaceful and dignified demonstration outside the home of Health Minister Simon Harris. Mr Harris himself took to social media to claim it was ”frightening” and ”very intimidating” for him and his family.

Activists outside the home of Simon Harris Yesterday

In response to these allegations and in support of the activists, Dublin IRSP spokesperson Stephen Cummins added, ”Health Minister Mr Harris is incompetent in his job, denying the basic nurses demands while pursuing his governments pro-austerity agenda. Our nurses are having to work in frightening and intimidating environments, while at times not being paid for it”

Mr Harris has claimed that the government cannot afford to give into our healthcare workers demands. Responding to this Stephen Cummins of the IRSP responded by saying, ”2 years ago, the Irish government were given 14.3 billion euro from apple, in what was deemed unfair tax breaks. The pro-austerity government didnt want the bill, instead they wanted to appease their billion dollar multinational friends. This sums up that the Irish government that Harris is a senior member of would rather help their billion dollar friends than the Irish people and our underpaid & undervalued nurses and midwives.”

The IRSP fully support the INMO demands and support the actions of the activists yesterday who brought direct but peaceful action against Mr Harris.

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