IRSP Support ‘March For Unity’

The IRSP fully supports the ‘March for Irish Unity’; Lifford/Strabane. This mobilisation has been the product of a year long engagement between ourselves and the broader Irish Unity Community which consisted of conversations and debates both publicly and privately. 

The outcome of these conversations was the realisation that there exists real and genuine fears within our communities about what the future holds. 

The IRSP will continue to actively engage with the broad Irish Unity Community to ensure that in any new and United Ireland, basic working class demands are met. People are worried about Healthcare, Education, Jobs, Housing and infrastructure. 

At a time when the conversations around Irish Unity are growing, the IRSP believe that the opportunity has come, to bring the debate solely from the public discussion panels, TV & radio to the streets of Ireland in the form of non-party political, anti-sectarian mass mobilisations.

The IRSP believe that only the Socialist Republic can address these working class concerns. It’s important that socialists do not marginalise or sideline ourselves within an echo chamber during this debate, our class needs mainstream representation. 

Irish Unity belongs to the people, we need to wrestle a United Ireland from the hands of the establishment gatekeepers and shape a future which works for everyone; economically, socially, politically and environmentally.

We join in the calls in inviting you, your family and friends to the ‘March For Irish Unity’ on the 24th November.