IRSP To Take Part In Belfast Anti-Internment March


Despite some confusion in the media relating to the IRSP’s role in the Belfast Anti-internment march on August 9th, it has now been confirmed by the Belfast IRSP’s Executive, following a formal invitation from the organisers, that the party will be taking part in the march.

IRSP northern region PRO and Belfast Executive member, Alex McGuigan, speaking at Costello House confirmed that the party will be taking part in the Anti-internment march, stating “the Irish Republican Socialist Party are intrinsically opposed to all forms of internment.  IRSP members have suffered the obscenity of internment in all it’s various guises throughout the years, with the late Ta Power holding the record as being the the political prisoner to be held longest in custody during the British government’s policy of interment by remand”.

Alex McGuigan continued, “the IRSP are calling all members, supporters and especially former POW’s’  to assemble at 6pm at the Ardoyne Avenue departure point for the anti-internment march on August 9th.”