Unity Of Purpose At Belfast Anti-Internment March

IMG04114-20130809-2018_zpsda1e71baThe anti-internment march in Belfast on 9th August 2013, was a welcome display of unity of purpose against a glaring abuse of human rights that the establishment parties either wish to ignore or actively encourage. Over 5000 marchers, excellently stewarded, from a variety of Irish Republican Socialist, Republican and humanitarian organisations marched from Ardoyne in the north of the city until they they were halted for approximately 2 hours by a phalanx of PSNI/RUC jeeps and thousands of rioting UVF and Orange Order members close to the city centre.

Eventually the human rights marchers forced their way through the PSNI/RUC, strategically forcing the massed riot cops with no option but to clear a route for the marchers to make their way through Carrick Hill to join with the anti-internment contingent awaiting the arrival of their comrades at Divis Street. Despite the delay, the people of West Belfast lined the route cheering the by now over 5000 the anti-internment marchers, making a nonsense of the ersatz Republican Provisonal movements’ hastily issued press statement, bizarrely condemning a human rights march as a ‘dissident’ parade!

The march which was lined with well-wishers made it’s way through West Belfast to the Busy Bee centre, a traditional rallying point for Republicans, where speeches were given by established human rights figures.

Alex Mcguigan, IRSP northern region PRO, speaking at the march commended the discipline of the marchers and stewards, despite outrageous Loyalist violence against the marchers, the wider community, and concerted PSNI/RUC obstructionism. He continued,

 “This is an issue that anyone with even a hint of a sense of justice within them can join together with others in unity of purpose. The Irish Republican Socialist Party and the many other groups, parties and individuals are to be roundly commended for their dignity and their anti-sectarianism in the face of reactionary provocation.”


Saoirse go deo