IRSP/RSYM Protest at ASDA in Strabane

Members of the IRSP and RSYM held a protest tonight at ASDA in Strabane in solidarity with the Green Isle workers who are currently involved in action against their employers.

As part of the action tonight our activists handed out literature to shoppers explaining the reasons behind the protest and this was met with a very positive response with a number pledging not to buy Green Isle products as the IRSP literature called for a boycott of Green Isle products until the strike is resolved to the satisfaction of the workers.

In a token of solidarity one of our activists filled a trolley with Green Isle products, then had these products scanned at the tills, then walked out towards the doors of the centre to join other members of the IRSM where literature was then handed out to shoppers.

This action was carried out in solidarity with Jim Wyse and his fellow Green Isle workers who are currently on hunger strike until such times as the strike is resolved satisfactorily.

Further activities are planned.