Message from the IRSP in support of Patxi Ruiz, and Mikel San Sebastiá

We send strength and solidarity to the Basque political prisoners currently undertaking a hunger strike in Murcia Jail in southern Spain.
We fully support the Basque prisoners demands.

Firstly, number 1: Humane treatment from the Spanish State and Prison authorities.
Secondly, number 2: Repatriation of all Basque prisoners to the Basque Country
And finally, number 3: A total amnesty and consequent freedom for all Basque political prisoners.

Our own political movement lost 3 members to Hunger Strike in 1981 when INLA Volunteers Patsy O’Hara, Kevin Lynch and Michael Devine died alongside 7 comrades of the PIRA.
We fully understand the pressures and stresses that Hunger Strikes place on families, communities and political movements – and for this reason we send our total support, solidarity and revolutionary love from Ireland.

Freedom for the Basque Country!
Gora Euskal Herria Askatuta!