Miriam Daly memorial lecture held in Belfast


The first meeting of the Miriam Daly Debating Society occurred at Costello House on Belfast’s Falls Road on Saturday 8th July.

The Society is named after the former IRSP Chairperson and Queen’s University lecturer who was murdered by the British state in June 1980 and aims to facilitate political and academic debates and lectures related to both historical and contemporary issues.

Today’s lecture focused upon the political legacy of Miriam Daly herself and was given by Queen’s graduate and IRSP activist Ciaran Cunningham.

The three central themes of Miriam’s; revolutionary activism, academic dedication and counter revisionism were addressed in an hour-long lecture in which disappointment was also expressed at the failure of Queen’s University itself to acknowledge the legacy of its esteemed member of staff.

Contributions were also made from the floor, by both old comrades of Miriam’s and former IRSM political prisoners who commented on the lasting impact which Miriam had left on the movement.

While today’s lecture was internal to members of the IRSP, it is expected that this lecture and others will be opened to the public in the coming weeks and months.