Eyebrows were raised across Republican areas of Belfast today, following a claim to the press by the PSNI that Class A drugs had been discovered in the Markets area of Belfast during what they called an “investigation into the activities of the INLA”.

In workplaces, homes and bars alike, a familiar retort was repeated again and again once the names of those arrested became apparent… “Sure they’re f**k all to do with the INLA”.

In what is now becoming a routine press release from the Irish Republican Socialist Party, we are indeed (once again) happy to confirm our belief also that the PSNI are (once again) telling lies, in order to gain access to  public funds set aside for fighting ‘paramilitary crime’, while conveniently attempting to damage a reemergent IRSP, at the behest of their MI5 bosses.

In October 2018, the IRSP pointed out how the PSNI’s ‘Paramilitary Crime Task Force’ had been caught out committing a financial scam, when in Belfast’s magistrates court, judge Fiona Bagnell ordered the release from the dock of three individuals (loosely supportive of the republican socialist movement in their districts), citing a complete lack of evidence against them whatsoever. 

In that case, while a fourth man in the dock went on to be charged with possession of Cocaine, it became evident early on that his charge had no connection whatsoever with that of the other three, who instead stood accused (bizarrely enough) with ‘conspiring to rob a Boojum store’. As it turned out there was no evidence of that either. The four had deliberately been placed together by the PSNI to creat a false INLA/Drugs headline in the press, the Judge was having none of it.

The PSNI, who clearly thought they could rely on the co-operation of the courts to help them pull a fast stunt, in fact had exposed their own scam; gaining headlines in the press regarding ‘INLA criminality’ and so securing a continuation of the £25 million in funding that had been promised them (on a performance related basis) during the Fresh Start Agreement of 2016.

Since the launching of the PCTF, the force has found itself in a conundrum; having to be seen ‘balance the books’ when it comes to tackling rampant criminality within Loyalism, with this in mind they set out to find a ‘republican equivalent’. 

The INLA (on ceasefire yet proudly anti-establishment) were the perfect bogymen for the PSNI in this task, and without finding any actual evidence of INLA criminality, Singleton and his goons simply resorted to telling lies about them on a grand scale; dressing up genuine criminal investigations as‘INLA investigations’, with literally no truth at the end of the line; leading both the media and the community on a merry dance, after all, who was checking??

Since that time, repeated banner headlines claiming INLA involvement in every imaginable shocking crime have all fallen on their face in terms of actual reality, not surprising given the total lack of any supporting evidence. The most recent empty claim about a Class A drugs find in the markets now sits firmly in that category of nonsense. 

Tonight, the IRSP can’t be bothered remembering the name of the latest head of the Paramilitary Crime Task Force, it doesn’t really matter. What we know is, she heads up a project that tells lies for government money; Larceny on a grand scaleand an insult to the public.

As always we ask the working class to be wary when reading or listening to anything said by the British security establishment in Ireland.