New IRSM County Antrim Plot Transformed by Daly/McNamee Cumann

The newly contructed County Antrim IRSM plot at Milltown Cemetery

Stalwart members of the Daly/McNamee Cumann have done a sterling job in transforming the new County Antrim Irish Republican Socialist Movement plot at Milltown Cemetery.  The vast improvement is a credit to the Daly/MacNamee Cumann’s members, especially as it approaches the 10 October, the 16th anniversary of the cruel murder of INLA Volunteer, Paddy ‘Bo’ Campbell, interred there after forfeiting his very young life protecting the movement from armed organised gangsters intent, but ultimately failing, in crushing the IRSM in Dublin in 1999.

Speaking as work concluded at the newly refurbished County Antrim IRSM memorial, Daly/McNamee Cumann spokesperson, Joe Heaney, told The IRSP News,

“This transformation is due to the dedication and skill of Daly/McNamee Cumann members who gave their free time willingly to give the Volunteers and Comrades interred at the new memorial the fitting tribute they deserved.  It is especially timely with the forthcoming 16th anniversary of young Paddy ‘Bo’ Campbell’s brutal murder, on October 10th, at the hands of the dregs of society who were poisoning  young working class kids with Heroin and other narcotics.  It goes without saying that all those interred here gave their lives for the establishment of a United Socialist Ireland and now they have the memorial they deserved.”

Certainly sentiments The Irish Republican Socialist News and no doubt all members agree with.

Well done to those members who constructed the memorial!