Vol. Hugh Ferguson’s 40th Anniversary Commemoration – Sunday 22 February, Belfast

INLA Volunteer Hugh Ferguson

The INLA Volunteer Hugh Ferguson commemoration march will assemble at Britton’s Parade Shops, off the Whiterock Road, Belfast at 1.30pm on Sunday, 22 February to start at 2pm.  The march will make its way around the Whiterock ending at Hugh’s memorial plague; where there will be a short wreath laying ceremony and speech.

All available IRSP members and supporters in the greater Belfast area are asked to attend.  Family members are especially welcomed

This is a very important commemoration as Volunteer Hugh Ferguson was the first of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement’s members to be killed after it was formed in December, 1974.  INLA Volunteer Hugh Ferguson, aged only 19, who was also Chairperson of the Irish Republican Socialist Party Whiterock Cumann, was shot dead in his workplace on the 20 February 1975 by the Official IRA who had been launching a series of attacks on the then fledgling Republican Socialist Movement, unsuccessfully attempting to wipe it out in it’s infancy.  It was due to the courage of ordinary working class people like Hugh Ferguson and other comrades like him who ensured that the IRSM survived the first of many onslaughts on it’s existence and continues to thrive today 40 years later.

Saoirse go deo!

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