On the 10th Anniversary, the IRSP calls for the Implementation of the August 2010 Agreement

On the 10th anniversary of the August 2010 Agreement, which was designed to end the gaol administration oppression in Republican Roe House, the IRSP once again call for the implementation of this agreement in full.

The agreement was brought about after a protest which began in Easter of that year, following years of abuse and mistreatment of Republican prisoners by the gaol administration. The agreement was to end two core causes of conflict, namely controlled movement and forced strip searching, which are used as weapons to break the resolve of Republican prisoners, as has been experienced by numerous members of the IRSP.

As was predictable, the agreement was immediately reneged upon by the gaol administration, with the further introduction of forced isolation as policy in 2011.

Despite numerous efforts and calls for the implementation of the agreement, the ‘NI Prison Service’ with its unionist and imperialist allies has consistently refused to see through its implementation. Republican prisoners today continue to face controlled movement, forced strip searching and isolation, with a host of other means of oppression including denial of adequate family facilities, healthcare, nutrition and education, and the constant threat of assault.

This remains as it was then: unsustainable and doomed to fail. The Maghaberry administration and its various reactionary allies must begin to acclimatise to the reality that their policies have failed. It is time for them to implement the agreement, and end the oppression of Republican prisoners.