IRSP Express Concern at Gross Discrimination regarding Exam Results.

The IRSP as we have previously highlighted back in May are concerned about discrimination against working class kids as they receive their exam results today.

Tens of thousands of kids will today be receiving their A-Level & AS exam results in the North of Ireland.

CCEA, the exam authority have already said there are anomalies, and it is becoming apparent that certain schools are already claiming that they have grossly & unexpectedly underperformed.

This years results have been awarded using a number of factors including taking into consideration a schools previous exam results as part of their algorithm to award the final result.

Schools in working class areas that suffer from socio-economic deprivation tend to underperform in terms of exam results than schools in more wealthier areas, meaning kids that attend these schools are being grossly discriminated against by this process.

The IRSP will be monitoring this over the next few weeks including the appeals process and our activists will be willing to meet pupils, parents & schools who feel they have come under this discrimination and want it highlighted & challenged.

Discrimination is not acceptable.