PRESS RELEASE: IRSP Derry engage with the youth in the Bogside

The IRSP have been involved in talks in the Bogside with young people who have influence over others who have been involved in recent disturbances in the Bogside and Fountain areas. We understand that other republicans have also engaged young people in that area.

We, as republicans, have always rejected sectarianism and the division of working class communities. During our discussions we explained to the young people that there is no place for sectarianism within republicanism and further that attacks on working class communities go against a very firm fundamental ethos for republicanism in Ireland.

We sought guarantees that attacks on the Fountain estate would cease immediately and these have been given. We refuse to jump on the bandwagon of condemnation and demonisation, rather we sought real dialogue and achieved a positive outcome. We would encourage leaders within the Bogside community to do likewise rather than resort to the demonisation of our young people.

There are issues such as marginalisation and demonisation within this section of our community and these need to be addressed in a positive manner. Condemning and attacking them will simply lead to more of the same.