RSYM May Day Statement

The Republican Socialist Youth Movement, on International Workers Day 2020, send greetings and solidarity too all workers and socialists in struggle across the world. 

Solidarity also with those imprisoned for political acts globally as well as all our political prisoners incarcerated  in Gaols here in Ireland. 

This year we must also offer special hand of solidarity to those essential workers across the globe who are battling on the front lines against the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Comrades, normally on this day workers’ across the world take to the streets to commemorate and celebrate the struggles of the past as well as rededicating themselves to the struggle against Capitalism. 

This year the streets will be quiet and there will be no red flags marching. Workers now are now engaged in a much different struggle. 

Over the last few months the wheels of capitalism have nearly come to a stop in the face of a pandemic which sees no borders, recognises no class lines and discriminates against none.

But who are the essential workers that are tackling this virus on the front lines? Since its inception capitalism has told us that the rich are most important in society, they are the wealth creators and without them our nations would fall to pieces, with no work or food for anyone. 

This lie has now exposed and laid bare for all too see. The essential workers are the international proletariat as socialists have stated for years. They are the heroes of the medical profession who go out every day, and put their lives on the line to care for and save the lives of whoever crosses their path without exception. 

They’re the workers on boats and trucks carrying supplies, the trades people keeping the water lines flowing, the power stations running and keeping all essential services operating. In short they’re the men and woman who we have been told for years ,do not deserve living wages, don’t need real employment contracts, and are easily replaceable. Where are the essential millionaires now?

Only a few months ago we stood on picket lines with nurses in the North of Ireland to demand they receive the same wages as their colleagues in England. And not long before that, Boris Johnson and the Tory party cheered after defeating a motion to raise nurses wages after years of selling off the NHS bit by bit. 

In the Free state, the lack of a national health service is taking its toll as the realities of a privatised health industry are being realised. And once again like in the north, only months ago we were standing with nurses and ambulance staff on the picket lines. It has never been more clear, Ireland needs a National health Service that puts the health of the nation before the wealth of a few.

It is however inspiring to watch as working class communities across the country rapidly organise to support each other. In working class communities people are supporting their vulnerable neighbours with food and essential supplies, repairs carried out free of charge in the homes of the vulnerable, PPE being provided to care workers, the list is endless. 

All of this is just a small example of socialism in action, proof that it is not the Ruling class or market forces that provide for the people. It is the people themselves that are essential to the welfare of our class. To all the workers in struggle we salute you.

We must also send solidarity, to all our activists and comrades in the IRSP, who have rallied (as we knew they would) to set up Republican Socialist Aid.  Through this we have been able to provide essential PPE and supplies to anyone who needs them, regardless of what community they’re from. 

A special thank must also be extended to everyone who have donated and helped Republican Socialist Aid to do this. Without that support we could not hope to keep this response going.

As we stated above this pandemic has totally exposed capitalism. We now know it is the working class that are essential to run a country. However it has also exposed capitalisms role in environmental destruction. Since the cogs of capitalism have ground to a halt, industry around the world has slowed, as much of the useless commodities usually peddled to us have been deemed unessential. 

This has led to a huge reduction in the amount of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere, and levels of pollution dropping rapidly. 

Reports of clearer skies and many other benefits to the environment are surfacing. Contrary to lies spread by many trendy liberal ‘environmentalists’, it is capitalism that is destroying our planet with its continued need for growth, not the Malthusian overpopulation theory.

Comrades, when this crisis is over, there must be no return to normal. The ruling classes will move quickly to make the working classes pay for this crisis. Whether it be through cuts to benefits, sell off of the NHS, austerity , wage cuts, we know they will try to make us pay. 

This cannot be allowed to happen. We as a class must remain organised and get ready to fight any attack that comes our way. Thousands are dying needlessly because of capitalist governments hesitancy to take the necessary actions to stop the virus because of their fear of lost profits. 

Many more lives have been lost because of privatisation and the destruction of health services alongside a refusal to prepare for a pandemic that scientists have warned of for years. 

Let us move forwards and build a socialist society that puts the health and wellbeing of our people front and centre. A society that lives in harmony with the planet that sustains us.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the streets soon. But until then, observe good social distancing, stay home if you can, support your communities and those who need it, send solidarity to the workers protecting us on the front lines. Look after you mental health, read a book, do some gardening, make a phone call to someone who may need it. Join a Trade Union! Stay Safe!

“We Owe our allegiance to the working class!”

Saoirse Go Deo!