Go Fund Me Recklessly Remove Republican Socialist Aid Donation Page.

Over the last few weeks, the Irish Republican Socialist Movement have been working tirelessly providing and delivering 1000’s of care packages and meals to our most vulnerable and acquiring, assembling and delivering 1000s of pieces of vital PPE to frontline healthcare and care home staff across Ireland in the form of Republican Socialist Aid.

On Saturday 11th April, we launched  our Go Fund Me page, to allow our followers to help contribute much needed funds for our aid drive.

Within hours of launching, we received nearly £500, reaching to £900 by the following week.

Unfortunately, Go Fund Me took the irresponsible and reckless decision to remove our fundraising efforts.

When challenged, Go Fund Me claimed that our aid drive breached their terms and conditions. When we asked for them to clarify specifically what condition we breached; they did not adequately reply, instead they sent us a very open and vague 45 page document.

Media Coverage Here

We thank all those that contributed, and can confirm that donated funds will be automatically returned to your accounts by Go Fund Me within 3-7 working days.

These are unprecedented times, that have required national and local community efforts in assisting our frontline workers and most vulnerable to fill the gap of failed governments. 

We are dedicated to doing everything within our power and resources to help and we will not allow this to deter our efforts.

Republican Socialist Aid will continue to provide our vital services and work thanks to our dedicated team of activists and the help and support from our local communities and local businesses.