Sean Graham’s desertion of workers condemned by IRSP

Shocking news has emerged tonight that Sean Graham Bookmakers has begun laying off workers without pay due to the cancellation of sporting events related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sean Graham Bookmakers, along with many other betting establishments, has amassed a fortune, millions upon millions of pounds, on the back of working class men and women, such as those they are laying off, spending their hard earned wages in their outlets.

However, it appears that Graham’s is failing to recognise its duty in this respect and at this time of dire uncertainty for working class families. Instead of offering even a reasonable amount of money to help workers get by, they have went for the jugular, immediately pouncing on the earliest opportunity to save a buck, with no consideration for the hard-working employees they’re responsible for.

This disgraceful decision now results in more families being thrown to the dole queues as the Graham hierarchy consider the location of their next holiday.

This must be viewed as unforgivable in the eyes of punters that have loyally visited their stores over the years to place bets and as such, we are calling upon bookies-users to remember this when the betting scene returns to normal.

Remember that after gathering up the bank notes of working class men and women when society was in cruise control, they snatched the very wage packets from workers when the going got tough.

This is no place to even consider returning to when this virus has passed because if this is their mentality, they are yet another virus, and the vaccine for them should be a complete boycott, in solidarity with the workers they have decided to desert.