Stormont still does not Recognise the Mental Health Crisis and Suicide epidemic

Last week the Stormont executive reconvened under the bright lights of the applauding media and excessive back patting following the launch of much anticipated, ‘New Approach, New Decade’ document/agreement.

In that 62 page document there was not one mention of a Suicide Crisis or Mental Health Emergency. The only thing potentially worthwhile was the launch of a Mental Health strategy to be released in December 2020. Unfortunately many in our crippled society do not have another 12 months. 

Approximately 5 pages of said document were dedicated to Ulster Scots ‘Language’ & Centenary events, yet mental health didn’t receive a page, nor half a page but 5 bullet points, yes 5 bullet points spread throughout the document. 

Who is representing the interests of our communities at these negotiations? How many more 1000’s of deaths is it going to take before they admit we now have a full blown crisis & epidemic on our hands?

We are not even past January and already you cannot count the amount of suicides in the North with your hands. 2020 is destined to be the worst year on record for suicides, another year of devastation for Working Class communities in Ireland.