Gardaí Instruct Local Homeless Charity to not Allow the IRSP to Volunteer in their Premises

A member of the IRSP in Louth who has been actively involved with a local homeless charity was told that, ‘Gardaí detectives’ visited the charity and instructed its management to stop the IRSP member from volunteering at their premises.

We are currently going through a homeless crisis, with charities and their volunteers playing a critical and vital role in ensuring the most vulnerable in our society, who the government have abandoned receive basic but life saving services.

This another attempt by the Free State to vilify and criminalise the good work locally, nationally and Internationally by the IRSP.

We will continue to work for the community and we will not be deterred by the cowardly actions of the Free State.

Harassment is nothing new for members of the IRSP, since our formation we’ve been on the receiving end of Free State brutality and criminalisation campaigns against our movement.

We will continue our work, and such harassment only re-affirmes our commitment to creating a socialist workers republic and tightening our productive engagement with the working class and our most vulnerable.

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