The IRSP in North Belfast support the Donohoe Family in their Quest for Answers

The IRSP in North Belfast have backed public calls for the PSNI to immediately release the CCTV footage of the last moments of young Noah Donohoe to the family and their legal team.

Since the disappearance of Noah, we as a political party have took our guidance from the family. We have, until today restrained from public comment as we believed it may be detrimental to the family’s quest for answers, but we can no longer sit quiet following what has been a huge cross-community public outcry for answers and support for the Donohoe family.

There are widespread concerns and beliefs that there has been some form of coverup by the PSNI, and we support the calls that the CCTV should be immediately released to Noah’s family as a starting point in their quest for answers. 

We wont be giving a running commentary on events, as this is about truth and justice for Noah and his family. The North Belfast community support the Donohoe Family, and young Noah will be forever in our thoughts.

The IRSP in North Belfast have pledged that they will make activists available on an independent capacity to help with any campaign to support the Donohoe family.