“Troubles Pension” Should Be Provided To Everyone Affected by the Conflict.

Republican Socialists support calls for the British government to provide the so called “Troubles Pension” to everyone who was involved or affected by the conflict in the North of Ireland.

Former INLA prisoner and a spokesperson for Teach Na Fáilte (the charity representing former Republican Socialist combatants & prisoners) Gerard Foster has said:

“Our entire society and in particular, our working class communities bore the brunt of the violence during the conflict here. Pain and suffering was experienced on all sides.”

The IRSP founded in 1974 have experienced this pain and suffering directly having lost dozens of members throughout the duration of the conflict including 3 Hunger Strikers and many of our members being gaoled.

Gerard went on to say, “The conflict in the North of Ireland was due to the British Government occupation and forced partition of our country. At the very least they must provide reparations and compensation in the form of a pension to all those who were caught up in the conflict, we are all victims of British Imperialism.”

Gerard Foster

The IRSP support these calls made by Republican Socialist former prisoners and ex combatants and call on the British Government provide what they owe to the people affected by their occupation of Ireland.