Republican Socialist Movement relaunch and organise in Newry in a historical and moving day

On Saturday 29th August 2020, Republican Socialist veterans, Ex POWs and current working class activists from the Newry area, gathered to announce the re-structuring and re-launching of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement in the town.

Newry has a long and proud record of Republican Socialist activism and boasts a well-respected Ex Prisoner base which for the past 3 decades have gathered every Easter and throughout the year to remember all those who have fought and died under the Starry Plough.

Following recent talks with fellow activists from across Ireland however, our Newry comrades have thankfully agreed to reconstitute and reorganise within the structures and under the banner of the IRSM.

In what was a memorable and moving day, new premises which have been secured in the Canal Quay area of the town, were announced open and available for usage by the Republican Socialist Ex Prisoner group ‘Teach na Failte’; plans to launch the local ‘Colm Maguire IRSP cumann’ and Republican Socialist Youth Movement structures are also well underway, with IRSP party flags, Anti Austerity and Irish Unity billboards also making an appearance in visible junction areas of the town in recent days.

Republican Socialist Former Ex Prisoners gather outside the new location of our offices

Opening the new Ex POW centre was local man Cricky Morely, brother of fallen Republican Socialist Volunteer Eoin Morely, who announced the launching of the Newry Teach na Failte branch to visible cheers to those gathered, he then introduced former INLA prisoner Mickey O’Neill who spoke in tribute to the local prisoners, fallen volunteers and their families who played their part in the struggle for Irish National Liberation over the years.

Further tributes were paid to the Newry Ex Prisoner base by local former prisoner and current IRSP spokesman Ciaran Cunningham who talked of how the Newry mindset had always lent itself to alternative politics and who expressed hope that the new resource would be utilised for the betterment of all in the area who needed it.

IRSP chairperson Martin McMonagle also made a presentation to local organiser and former Republican Socialist prisoner Martin McKeown, expressing his happiness to have “Newry back on board with us”.

The IRSP intends to fully organise in the Newry area in the coming weeks and months, furthermore we ask all Republican and Republican Socialist Ex-Prisoners from the locality to make contact with Teach na Failte, to secure whatever advice and assistance they require.