IRSP To Join Tomorrow’s Strike Against Reactionary Austerity Measures

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All available members and supporters are to assemble tomorrow, Friday 13/03/15, at the Falls Road entrance to the RVH at 12 noon to march behind the Belfast IRSP banner to a rally in the City Centre – all Republican Socialist, revolutionary and progressive flags are welcomed!

The Irish Republican Socialist Party in Belfast will be taking part in tomorrow’s Strike action against austerity measures which have already been forced through by Cameron’s junta at Westminster and are in the process of being rubber-stamped at the Stormont mini-parliament.

Belfast IRSP spokesperson, Alex McGuigan, speaking at the party’s national HQ Costello House today stated that,

the time has come when ordinary working class people have had enough of the vicious offensive launched against them, formulated by reactionary politicians who live in luxury and know nothing and care even less, of the everyday struggle the proletariat, both waged and unwaged, face on a daily basis.  The so-called ‘Welfare Reforms’ will rob the most vulnerable people in our community of the already meagre provisions they rely on to make ends meet!  We have already seen possibly the most dishonestly named ‘Steps To Success’ programme forced upon unemployed workers by the Department of Employment and Learning, that in reality should be more accurately named ‘Workfare to Misery.’  In practice, ‘Steps To Success’ forces unemployed people to work for their benefits and provides unscrupulous employers, many of whom are global corporations who clock up billions of pounds profit per annum, with free labour.

 This is just the tip of the iceberg of the draconian austerity measures planned that will financially cripple working class families or individuals who are in low paid employment, under-employed, unemployed, and despicably target those who are unable to work due to seriously physically and/or mental disabilities.  It is time for the working class, their Trade Unions, all progressive parties and groups to fight these measures with the most militant of tactics or we may see a return to the era of not just ‘Workfare’ but the Workhouse!  This offensive is being forced on us by politicians who are Thatcher the Fascist’s most reactionary of understudies.  The Irish Republican Socialist Party will play a full part in the fightback against the forces of reaction!

Fight Austerity!  Join with us tomorrow at the Falls Road entrance to the RVH at 12 noon before joining with thousands of other striking workers as we march to the City Centre!


Saoirse Go Deo!





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