British Monarchy – Break The ConnectIon


Tonight, Republican Socialists across Ireland and indeed the world will not be shedding tears nor expressing sympathy over the death of the Britain’s Monarch, Queen Elizabeth.

Instead our thoughts are with the victims of British Imperialism, both at home and abroad who have died at the hands of the British Army and its proxies. We remember that Queen Elizabeth acted as their commander and chief, and is ultimately responsible for their crimes.

We send our solidarity and congratulations to all peoples of the world who have broken free from the shackles of British imperialism, and ended the long dark night of hundreds of years of oppression by winning their independence.

The IRSP are a revolutionary Republican Socialist party, who believe in the fundamentals of democracy, and economic & social equality. The British Monarchy, who openly parade themselves in the spoils of Imperialist triumphalism, with crowns of gold and diamonds, robbed from the nations of the world, have no place in a modern society.

While Ireland is on course to break the connection with British Imperialism, for once and for all, we take this opportunity to declare our support for those who continue to live under the tyranny of monarchy and their right to resist such archaic and unjust oppressive systems.

We use this opportunity to reaffirm the universal beauty and righteousness of the republican ideal, and call on all peoples to rally towards a future defined by the reign, not of monarchs, but of justice and equality.