The IRSP Invite Direct Dialogue with Loyalists over Bonfire Issues. 


The IRSP have made themselves available for dialogue with Loyalists and Republicans over issues around bonfires. The call came on Saturday at our National Hunger Strike Commemoration in Derry.

IRSP chairperson Martin McMonagle has said, “We in the IRSP always strive to promote and encourage unity among the working class. We have never shirked from this. One of the main issues that arises every single summer is around contentious bonfires, the burning of flags, posters and effigies. This further compounds division and hatred. We need to move away from this. The IRSP are making ourselves available for direct dialogue with those from republican or loyalist communites who have direct involvement in the bonfire issues in order to explore ways in which traditions can continue without causing offence and distress to neighbouring communities. We are up for this and this is an open invitation for dialogue.”