Dialogue the way forward – IRSP

Dialogue the way forward – IRSP

The Irish Republican Socialist Party in Dungiven are calling for dialogue in response to an Orange Order procession and counter protest at the weekend. On Sunday 9th June there was an Orange Order procession on the main street in Dungiven and a protest by local residents who were objecting to the fact that there had been no consultation prior to the procession taking place.

It is our understanding that the Roe Valley Concerned Residents Association has been formed in order to foster dialogue and good relations in areas such as Dungiven and Limavady and have in fact offered to meet with the East Derry MP Gregory Campbell in order to discuss the way forward. We wish to place on record our support for this initiative and it is our view that the RVCRA has been formed with the correct motives.

The residents of Limavady and Dungiven have bourn the brunt of sectarian attitudes over the decades and in an attempt to oppose the rise in sectarianism are rightly calling for meaningful dialogue with loyal order parade organisors and political leaders within unionism. This can only be good for the working class people, of any religion, in Dungiven and Limavady. The IRSP have objections to the so called loyal orders given their ingrained sectarianism but we do understand that there is a sizable section of the community who give their allegiance to these organisations. We ask those with influence within the loyal orders to act with courage and engage positively with local residents in the Roe Valley.