Falls IRSP to engage with marginalised youth, following unacceptable attack on local play park

In the wake of an unacceptable attack on the Dunville park children’s playground in Belfast’s Falls area, IRSP spokesperson Michael Kelly has announced the intentions of the party to confront in a mature fashion, those responsible, with a view to challenging them to explain the rationale which lies behind their decisions to deprive working class children in the district one of the few amenities available to them.

Michael announced this evening.

‘A minority of isolated young people are involved in joyriding and vandalism that youth and community groups are failing to engage with. At the weekend they set fire to trees and frameworks within the local children’s playground as well as littering the play area with broken glass. This is utterly unacceptable behaviour.’


Yet criminalising these young people will not solve the problem.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party will attempt, by engaging with those involved in this activity (and with their families) to convince them to that there are much more constructive ways to spend their time and if needs be, express their frustrations.


We call upon youth and community organisations in the area to go above and beyond the rhetoric and help us to engage with these young people via the outreach work which we propose to engage in.

The IRSP, as with all organisations concerned with the betterment of our communities, wish to work together to achieve a long-lasting solution to our social problems.

We invite all concerned youths in particular to visit our offices in order to discuss the matters concerned.’