Fight back against the Tories- Join the Irish Republican Socialist Movement

There is a lot of anger about the result of the British General election and the dangerous anti-working class Tory majority that will now exist in Westminster for the next 5+ years.

Jeremy Corbyn and the British Labour Party gave a very small glimpse into what a potential socialist country may look like; with a nationalised public transport, energy & fully funded health and education sectors. Such policies got many people excited here in Ireland.

We do not and should not allow the socio-economic and environmental future of our nation to be decided in Westminster, nor does there exist any parliamentary road to socialism.

It is up to us, the Irish Working Class, to build a socialist republic in Ireland. We can have a nationalised and properly funded infrastructure that meets the needs of everyone and not exist to make profit.

Following this election, we ask you to use the anger and worry that exists to begin organising , educating & agitating within your communities.

Join the campaigns to oppose Tory cuts & Austerity. Action Against CUTS

Join the left wing Irish Unity campaign to begin building the momentum actively across our communities to ensure our voices are organised and heard. YES For Unity

Join the Republican Socialist Youth Movement if you want to help build a new generation of educated, energised and organised Republican Socialist Youth to help build & defend the Socialist Ireland of tomorrow

Join us, the Irish Republican Socialist Party if you want to build the Ireland of James Connolly, an Ireland of economic fairness, social justice and environmental sustainability.

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