The IRSP in Belfast this evening successfully recovered a stolen car that was reported driving erratically around Turf Lodge on Monday evening. 

The car was reported stolen today, with numerous sightings reported by local residents throughout the day. Following this, IRSP activists began searching for the car and successfully recovered it from local hoods this evening who abandoned the vehicle after seeing our activists. 

The vehicle following its successful retrieval in Turf Lodge, Belfast

The IRSP then contacted local elected representatives and stayed with the vehicle until they arrived to ensure the the car was returned to its owner.

Local IRSP representative Maria Quinn has said, “Again the local community have had to witness another day of anti-community activity, a stolen car driving dangerously through a built up residential area is a recipe for disaster”

The IRSP who know the identities of those involved, urge them to stop these activities immediately, before this community suffers another death at the hands of joyriders.

Criticisms also need aimed at the PSNI, who followed our activists around the area prior to and after the recovery of the vehicle. Why are the PSNI not chasing those who stole the vehicle and not those that successfully recovered it?

The IRSP urge the community to remain vigilant over the next few days, and reject those that continue to terrorise the local community. IRSP activists will step up our presence in the area over the next few days to try and help bring a stop to this activity.

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