IRSP in Upper Springfield help young family in non- inhabitable housing conditions

Upper Springfield IRSP activists, while out with the pest control officers yesterday in the Whiterock area, were approached by a young resident from Brittons Parade. 

She explained to our activists that she is living in a rented house, she has no heating and faulty electric that keeps tripping, leaving cooking appliances unusable.

The woman has 4 young children and has not had any heat in the house for weeks.

Faulty home boiler

Following this, and after numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact the landlord, we got in contact with Homecare, who after being explained the situation agreed to send out a heating engineer. We are happy to confirm that the engineer has been out and has fixed the heating this morning.

IRSP Upper Springfield representative Maria Quinn has said that, “The conditions this young woman and her family were living in is not acceptable, and such landlord’s that rent these non-inhabitable properties need held to account.”

The IRSP will be following up with this case in the next days and weeks to ensure the situation is resolved for this young family. We will not stand idly by and allow our communities be exploited by these profit driven slumlords.

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