IRSP Confront Fascists in Dublin

The IRSP in Dublin joined with other left wing anti-fascist groups outside the Dáil on Saturday afternoon to confront the racist, fascist and ultra right wing intending on holding a protest out the parliament buildings.

Holding the centre ground, the IRSP along with others from the Republican Left ensured the unwanted fascists were unable to hold their intended protest following up with our decades old policy of not allowing fascists any ground.

The heavily outnumbered fascists were unable to hold their protest at the gates of the Dáil due to the action taken by anti-fascists and the Republican Left

Dublin IRSP spokesperson who attended the protest said, “Fascists have no place in Irish society, they never have and never will, and whenever or wherever they pop up, they will be actively be opposed and confronted by the IRSP.”

The IRSP since our inception in 1974 have always been at the forefront of revolutionary anti-fascist activity in Ireland and this recent successful opposition is a clear indication that we will continue to do so.