IRSP in Cork accuse Fine Gael of Robbing Northside Working Class Families of their Homes

The IRSP in Cork are today calling out the opposition to council house developments in Montenotte as a direct attack on the working class.

Fine Gael and their supporters have shed their false veil of civic responsibility to show their disdain for those who rely on the state for housing – all amidst the well known housing crisis here in the city and nationwide.

Half of the working population would qualify for social housing currently – and the cruel market-fundamentalist policies of Fine Gael are quickly becoming notorious among the working class – as the 54 proposed housing units in Montenotte would have went a long way to helping working class families awaiting homes on the northside of Cork.

We recognize that it is those who maintain and profit from the current housing emergency who prefer for public money to be used to subsidize their children’s` entry to the property market – while working class children face Institutionalized homelessness in emergency accomodation.

We maintain that class war is being waged, the housing crisis being prime evidence thereof – but that the working class must organise to effectively fightback – and that we are not beaten yet.