IRSP Reaction to the IMF’s Takeover of Ireland

The Irish Republican Socialist Party has warned of the threat to Irish democracy through the imposition of EU bureaucrats and the IMF on the Irish people.

Ross McNamee of the IRSP said:

“This government is an affront to democracy and obviously has no respect for Irish citizens. We now face a disastrous situation whereby the vultures of the capitalist class, the IMF, are circling and their influence in Ireland not only represents a further erosion of Irish democracy and sovereignty but also will serve to have a devastating social effect. The IMF are the enemy of working class people and their record in other countries should act as a warning for what is to come. They champion privitisation and will provide a recipe for even further unemployment in Ireland. This will mean that investors in London and New York will have significant input and power over your future and the lives of your children. The IRSP will not stand idly by as another draconian austerity budget looms with the most vulnerable in our society, as always, being left to pick up the tab for the boom and bust capitalist system”

He continued:

“It is outrageous that this government, which has it’s fingerprints all over the current economic crisis, is still in office. Likewise, it is a disgrace that private financial institutions can effectively hold the Irish people to ransom. The banks must be nationalised, but as we have seen from Anglo-Irish Bank, that is not enough. In both the political and economic spheres we as a country need to re-assess what we mean by the term democracy. We need representatives that are subject to recall at any time by the population and we need democratic worker control over any institution that is vital to building a sustainable economy. Our recent political and economic woes have shown the necessity of this.It is clear that those who walk the corridors of power have decided to move away from any semblance of social protection and are encouraging a race to the bottom with regard to workers’ wages and living standards. The presence of the IMF is disastrous for Ireland and mass emigration will continue. We need only look at what the IMF did in Argentina and Jamaica, to give just two examples, to know what is in store for Ireland”

The IRSP activist concluded by saying:

“We need to send a clear message to this government, EU bureaucrats and the IMF. The Irish people will fight for their sovereignty and will resist any attempts to make the working class pay for this crisis. The IRSP will continue to oppose undemocratic and draconian cuts both North and South of the border and we believe that people taking to the streets is the only way in which this situation can be changed. The establishment parties are only interested in power, they will not bring about the radical changes we require and therefore we must stand up and do it for ourselves”.
The IRSP urges workers, the unemployed and all progressive forces
in Irish society to mobilise for the upcoming protests in Dublin
on November 27th and December 7th.