IRSP Statement on the Shooting of George Nkencho

The IRSP has awaited some clarity in relation to the wishes and intentions of the family of George Nkencho (RIP), and also for the calming of the carnival of reaction in relation to his shooting. Aside from our own broader views on policing in Ireland, there are a number of important points which should be borne in mind.

Every time a state force shoots someone dead there should be immediate scrutiny and inquiry. Otherwise we are on a slippery slope. Backing a shooting based on grainy footage and unfounded character assassination is reactionary and naïve in the extreme. Bear in mind that what happens in these events and the public response will have a direct impact on future incidents, and encourage a trigger-happy mentality in a force which has been routinely criticised by prevailing and conventional standards for its systemic failures.

As for the question of racism, The guards have a recorded, evidenced track record of racism

The guards have been involved in much more serious incidents which have not resulted in death. Without question if this incident had involved the son of a well-to-do family in a leafy suburb the outcome would have been very different. This heightens the need for serious questions.

Allegations against the character of George Nkencho (unproven allegations coming from right wing accounts and being shared by those of unbelievable gullibility) are irrelevant. There is no death penalty in Ireland. The primary concern should be whether extra-judicial killings are being carried out in working class communities, not the character of those killed and we would encourage people to avoid being distracted.

Ireland has been oppressed by foreign imperialism and domestic overlords for centuries. The majority of us live a life of labour or poverty whilst a minority live off our backs. Do not mistake your working and poor brothers and sisters from different races and backgrounds as your enemies.

Those promoting racist division here are the same people who stood idly by whilst sectarian murder campaigns were waged against the working class in the north. Ironically while Africans, Arabs and Muslims sent aid. The same people who lied about the Carrigaline incident and who push propaganda about “BLM”, “antifa”, “race war” etc. are misguided racists stirring up futile online racism to ease the pain of their inevitable failure to attain any serious political influence.
Many of them were criticising the state just last week for authoritarianism, now they are cheering on the forces of the same state for having carried out an extra-judicial killing.

The decision of the Nkencho family in how to proceed on this matter going forward should be final. Those who rushed to treat this incident as a matter of idle speculation and gossip should hang their heads, and hope that should they ever lose someone as the Nkencho family have that they do not face the same frenzy if hatred as what this family is enduring.

Our condolences to his family. Those treating this as entertainment should only hope that should they ever lose someone like the Nkencho family have that they do not have to sit through such a a frenzied circus of hatred.