IRSP Vow to Continue Opposing The Far Right Despite PSNI Threats

In July, the IRSP in Belfast joined with other anti-fascists and evicted the far right from Belfast City centre who had set up a stall and were handing out racist, hate-filled literature.

Upon seeing us approach, the far right activists fled on foot, abandoning their stall and its contents to which we dismantled and binned the leaflets.

During the week, PSNI members contacted a number of our activists and informed them that the PSNI were going to pursue charges against them for the incident.

The IRSP since our inception in 1974 have always and consistently remained revolutionary anti-fascist and while the IRSP are well accustomed to such threats from the PSNI, we will continue to defend decency against hate speech in whatever form it comes.

In light of recent pro-racist actions by the PSNI in the city perhaps they should think about changing their motto

PSNI- Keeping Racists Safe.