Lower Falls Anti Social Behaviour – IRSP Make Positive Engagement with Parents

Following on from the well documented anti social behaviour which has been plaguing the lower Falls over a number of months, the Irish Republican Socialist Party has made contact with a number of Parents to speak about their children.

We have mentioned before with regards to this, that there is no young person in particular responsible for what has been taking place.

We accept the high possibility that these young lads aren’t yet mature enough to recognise what their actions bring to their own community and how it can affect their own lives as they get older. Most of these kids are good kids. But the actions we have all witnessed within our area over the last few weeks are totally unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.

Thankfully, the engagement with Parents went well and was conducted positively with Parents acknowledging the importance of ensuring their kids are not involved in anti community activity. We are hopeful this will begin the process of things changing for the better within the area, as residents have been at their wits end with what has been taking place. We have planned to meet with a number of other Parents in the coming days on this issue.

We wish to also highlight the behaviour of the PSNI over the last few weeks. They have stalked our Activists as they have attempted to engage with young people and other residents. They have conducted mere PR stunts after IRSP Activists have been on the ground in the area.

All of this is no surprise or shock to the system of Republican Socialist Activists. But it is important to bring it to the attention of local residents. These people are not in the slightest bit interested in the betterment of the lower Falls community.

Their main priority is to move against and stifle the work of Republican Socialists. Activists who are born, bred, raised and live in this community and who have it’s best interests at heart, regardless of what our many detractors (outside and within our communities) wish to say about us.

The IRSP will continue to represent, stand alongside, and engage with all affected residents on such issues as we move forward together.